Buying a Private Jet: Cleaning & Maintenance

Dassault Falcon 7/8X Jet De-IcingSo you finally received your brand new private aircraft and you’re anxious to take it on its first trip. We’ve been in the same position before and completely understand your enthusiasm. However, have you secured and taking care of the necessary precautions before jumping into your jet for takeoff? Do you have a crew that is regularly scheduled for cleaning and fixing of parts? If you answered no to those questions then it’s extremely important that you align yourself with a management crew that will take care of these things for you.


There are times where your private jet needs to have its internal parts clean for optimal performance. They’re also times where your aircraft needs to be deiced so that it can prepare for its next take off. In those cases you’re most likely going to be dealing with dry ice blasting or what is also known as co2 blasting.

This is a cleaning method that uses carbon dioxide pellets that explode on contact and help remove varying levels of dirt and debris. Having a contractor like this on hand is very necessary to ensure timely flights and overall working order of your jet.

Aviation / Automotive Repair

When you buy a private jet on sale or lease, aside from keeping your aircraft clean and fresh on the outside it’s very important to make sure that everything is functioning correctly on the inside. Having a dedicated service technician within your team is also vital to being an aircraft owner. Regular maintenance checks are necessary to ensure that you are abiding by the regulations given throughout the aviation industry.

The minute that you noticed that there may be an issue, you need to halt all scheduled flights and have your aircraft serviced immediately.

Certification & Regulations

Aside from the above important elements of private jet ownership you need to ensure that you or your management company is qualified with the proper certifications and skills. If you fail to abide by these strict guidelines, then there is a large chance you will no longer have a private jet to operate.

Take care of these elements before getting behind the wheel of any plane that you purchase for personal or business use. Abiding by the rules will keep you safe and allow for a long lasting aircraft operation.

Private Jet AC Repair & Maintenance in Palo Alto, CA

HVAC Services FAQOver the past few months we have been noticing an increase in private aircrafts that need air conditioner repair and maintenance. Our service technicians in Palo Alto California are usually quite busy around this time of year as it is a slow receiving for flying, so maintenance is a priority. Getting each private aircraft serviced and checked on a regular basis is important to its lifespan. Which is why having a slow season isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the industry.

Most of the areas that need servicing are our HVAC type of systems. That includes air conditioners and heating on your jet. Since living here for quite some time, we have noticed great AC repair services within Palo Alto, CA that are available almost 24 hours a day. It’s almost impossible not to find service, however during slow season for flyers it can be difficult to find a technician for the time that you require.

Challenger 605If servicing a central AC system is not something that you’re looking for then you may need help maintaining your portable AC instead. Many private management companies use commercial portable AC’s to cool while their aircraft is resting rather than using their central system. That way it saves resources on your plane. Some of the best portable air conditioner units have their moments and need to be serviced sometimes just as often as central AC systems.

When you buy an aircraft you will realize that it is one expensive investment that needs to be taken care of properly. Whether you purchase outright or lease, it’s important to have a management crew that can help to preserve your aircrafts value over time.

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